Caroline is a copywriter and content strategist based in Prague.

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Behind the Lens with Lindsay Taylor Jackson

Growing up just outside of Boston, it wasn’t unusual to find five-year-old Lindsay Taylor Jackson excitedly running around family parties, clutching a camera between her small hands and snapping shots of anything that caught her curious eye. By six, she was already scripting dramas which she and her best friend filmed on a 90s camcorder. Friends and family knew Jackson loved to be behind the lens, but what seemed like a hobby eventually became a way for Jackson to find her place amongst her pee

Searching for a Second Home: A Refugee in Prague

On a warm, sleepless summer night in 2012, Khaled Samman* was roused out of bed at 3 a.m. by the piercing whistle of a bomb. He went to the window of his family’s flat in the heart of Damascus to see what was going on, when he heard his sister ask what on earth he was doing. A moment later, she collapsed to the floor crying. Beyond Samman’s silhouette in the window, she had seen a missile shoot through their neighborhood. The noise woke up their brother. “We have to leave,” he said. “This is onl

The Road to Empowerment: Legs, Lashes, & Lingerie with Peppur

Everything about Peppur Chambers exudes confidence. From her self-assured posture to her audacious red lipstick, it’s clear that she’s someone whose comfort zone is in the spotlight. And it’s not just for show – for over a decade, Chambers has made a name for herself in the world of art and theatre, writing and performing in a multitude of stage plays, theatrical cabarets, and even publishing her first novel, Harlem’s Awakening, in 2014. But underneath the stage makeup and tantalizing lingerie,

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Caroline Corrigan is a copywriter, content strategist, and team lead based in Prague.